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Adult Education - Brighton

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Modern British History
Social and Cultural History
Art History
Fashion History
Brighton, Sussex, History

Victorians * Edwardians * Between the Wars * Modernism * Art Deco * Cinema * Local History * Novels and History * Film History * Art & History * History of Fashion * Wartime * Christmas Customs * Death & Mourning * History in Literature * 


The Novel as Social History 7: Comparing cultures
The Film of the Novel 2:  1950s & 1960s
The Interwar Years: Twenties and Thirties Britain 1920-1940
Post-war Britain 1939-1969
"This is where we came in": Cinema 1930s-1950s

1940s and the Homefront in Wartime
Art Deco, Modernism and the 'Jazz Age' 1918-1939
The Novel as Social History 8: Summer Reading
Summer in the City: Exploring Brighton's Rich History 
(2 classroom sessions and 3 Brighton field trips)

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